Pondicherry is a small town situated on the Coromandel Coast of India, about 160 kilo meters south of Chennai. Pondicherry has been famous for its French colonial heritage, its cosmopolitan culture and the beaches which have managed to protect along with the festivals solidly distinctive from the rest of the Indian subcontinent. In August 2006 the Rajya Sabha renamed The Union Terrain of Pondicherry as "Puducherry". Some still call it Pondicherry and some want to call it Puducherry. Pondicherry is surrounded by four different coastal regions following as Karaikal, Yanam, Viz-Pondicherry and Ma-he, where the area has been significantly distributed by three states in the country – Puducherry in Tami Nadu, Mahe in the West Coast of Kerala as well Yanam in Andhra Pradesh, often referred as '' A little piece of Medieval France in India.''

We now would like to introduce you to some of the most amazing locations based within the district of Puducherry, as follows:

The Beaches

Puducherry’s main tourist circle is constructed by its four major beaches, e.g. Promenade, Paradise, Serenity and Auroville. The beaches are abundant with life and provide amazing tourist experience, as you would also be able to see various important structures in the nearby places, including an old lighthouse situated on Goubert Avenue, Beach Road. Strolling on the lovely beaches and tracing the cultural background would be an absolute delight for a visitor.

The Magnificent Historical Statues

Pondicherry is a city, extraordinary on historical appreciation of freedom fighters, patriotic leaders and intellectuals. Thereby many monuments and statues have been surrounded by these beloved antecedents. Statue of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru can be seen on the streets, while statues of the French heroes, Joseph François Dupleix and Joan of Arc can also be seen in Goubert Avenue and Dumas Street Church.


Boasting of its proud history, Pondicherry treasures all the incidents having taken place in the city. The galleries inherit war reflections and cultural artefacts, enabling a tourist to become aware of the city’s heritage and times when they were built. The Bharathidasan Museum is a treasure house and is the works of the 20th Century poet by the same identity, who also made Jawahar Toy Museum, The French War Memorial on Goubert Avenue and the Museum for youngsters, are some other places, worth seeing and indulge into.

Garden & Parks

Pondicherry has its fair contribution of landscape beauty as well, within its beautiful gardens. Take a look at the Botanical Gardens, which is a replica of French architecture offering a musical fountain for entertainment. Ousters Wetland and National Park will familiarize you to the aquatic world of the city, along with its array of water birds. Tourist guides are available to guide you and show you the beautiful parts of the royal gardens.

Other Attractions

And other attractions namely are: Meeran Mosque, Bharathi Park, Aayi Manadpam, The Park Monument, Ananda Ranga Pillai’s Mansion, for a French Treat.

Climate and Accessories

Puducherry comprises a hot and humid atmosphere nearly throughout the year. During the summer temperatures may exceed 40 degrees between the terms of May or June usually remains substantial at the range 26 – 38 degrees Celsius. In the course of this season, light pigmented cotton clothing is advised. Hats, caps, sun screens, and plenty of drinking water are a must for tourists at such occasions. And off course don’t forget to carry a good pair of sunglasses. The winter season starts from November and this is the best time to visit Puducherry, where the temperature hovers around the 30 degree mark, while the north eastern winds bring in light showers. Nights are cooler and offer the best possible weather for a walk around the avenues and along the peaceful beaches. The monsoon arrives here during July- august, and is also ideally a nice time for travel to the city of Puducherry. Umbrellas, raincoats and slippers come in very handy during this period.

Travel tips to reach Puducherry

Let's take a look at one of the neighbouring places which are well connected, so that it will get more convenient for you to reach Pondicherry: Air transport - If you are planning to travel to Pondicherry via air, then you might have to wait for a while as the new Puducherry airport will be up and running by August 2012. As the new airport will take some time it would be advisable for you to travel around 160 km away from Pondicherry which is Chennai Airport and which is also the nearest Airport. In Chennai you'll find both International as well as National terminals, and the selection of the domestic terminals will connect you with regular flights to cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Kochi, Goa, etc. On the other hand, the International Airport is the one that would link you to destinations named as Australia, Africa, North America and Europe. Travellers who are coming to Puducherry from outside India can straight go to Chennai first and then from there, they can travel to Puducherry by bus or by train. You can contact our travel agents who will help you to get all your requirements catered for your stay in Pondicherry by Clicking here”.

Railways - The most accommodating transport when making your journey to Pondicherry is a major railway station called Chennai station, which of the two sub-divisions encompasses between The Chennai Central and Egmore Railway Station.

Last but not the least; if you're looking for convenience comfort, we would primarily recommend the road transportation, which is connected fairly well to all major cities. Buses and taxi’s are also the facilities available to the tourist disposal. You can easily find hotels in Chennai and then you can travel to Puducherry by bus or by train. There are various options available if you want to stay in Chennai for a day and then hotels in Pondicherry.''If you are still interested in considering your arrangement in the journey to the places such as those mentioned earlier, everything that we are to offer during your residence in the city will not only match your individual expectations, but guarantee you an experience of a life-time, regardless of what it is particularly that you are searching for.'' We work with reliable and trusted network of travel agents. You can "Enquire here" for your memorable trip to Pondicherry.