Kashmir Lake


Kashmir is a Paradise on Earth. If you consider arranging your vacation to Kashmir in the near future and are looking to venture into the adventure that is full of mesmerising territories and exotic destinations particularly for the tourist, you have just come to the right place. Where is Kashmir? Kashmir is situated in the northern most part of India. "Parts of Kashmir was occupied by Pakistan in 1965" . The terrain of Kashmir mainly leverages on the volition of its beauty and glorious nature which is precisely what encourages the travellers from all around the globe to visit such locations at the first stage. Regardless of your vacation plans, the accomplishment which you will gain during/after your journey to Kashmir would be judged as a number one destination you will definitely be encouraged to recommend to your family and friends. For an unforgettable journey, immerse into the dignified land of Kashmir and compensate yourself with delightful senses of experience that will ultimately preserve in your heart. You would be fascinated by the privilege you had been given when making your journey to such a magnificent place.

If you are interested to know more of what Kashmir has to offer, here are the following requisites you should keep in mind when planning your trip to Kashmir:

Culture and Residents of Kashmir

Kashmir encompasses a stupendous culture which until now has acquired a vital role in earning an honor for it from across the continent, whether it involves the aspects of language, literature, civilization, music or denomination, is favorably a prodigious tourist destination. You are guaranteed to enjoy the wealthy environmental heritage of the ‘Paradise on Earth’ by scheduling a tour to Kashmir. The population of this region is mainly occupied by Muslims, whereas Jammu is inhabited by Hindus, Ladakh by Buddhists. The language that is mostly spoken is Urdu, which also includes Kashmiri, Ladakhi and Dogri.

Cuisine of Kashmir

Cuisine of Kashmir is a one to savor; there is always something on the table for those who highly respect and enjoy variety of cuisines. Regardless of its range and tradition, the menu that Kashmiri’s are to dispense to the tourist is definitely worth the try and which will always leave you satisfy throughout the day. Either vegetarian or non-vegetarian courses are available at hand, such as Roganjosh, Yakhni, Gushtaba, Dum aloo and Chaman, to define a few. The delicious cuisine of Kashmir has been influenced by the cooking methods of Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia, each with its distinctive taste. You certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on our special recommendations and unlimited choices that we provide according to both your preferences and convenience. We work with many reliable Kashmiri travel experts who will cater to your custom Kashmir holiday requirements.


Srinagar is based in the Western within the district of both Jammu and Kashmir. What makes this place so appealing to the eye of the tourist is the array of those incomparable yet wondrous lakes and the captivating sequence of houseboats drifting upon the them. In terms of weather conditions in Srinagar, it is fairly warm during the summer/spring season; however the weather transforms from time to time between the months of December-February, when a snowfall every now and then. Here you would also be able to discover many traditional markets with its rich and luxurious semblance that manufactures those beautiful handicrafts (famous for their Woolen/Pashmina shawls), a diverse display of arts, dry fruits to name a few.

Gulmarg – Hill Resort with Extraordinary Views!

Located in the territory of Baramulla with its distance of 57 km Southwest of Srinagar, Gulmarg is a hill station surrounded by the unparalleled natural beauty, long recognized as a hill harbor since 1927 during the British authority in India. Other places which you just might consider paying a visit to is Khilanmarg (established 6 km away from Gulmarg) as well as Alpather Lake at the foot of Apharwat Peaks with its league between 13 km. If you are the person who enjoys sports, you will enjoy getting involved in golfing, trekking, skiing and paragliding at Gulmarg in winters.

Patnitop - A Hill-Station with splendor and escapade

Patnitop is located at a distance of 112 km from Jammu, an inconceivably majestic hill resort hovering above a beautiful plateau and enveloped by compact forests. Gathering your family for a picnic or serene walks to witness those wonderful spots even further, Patnitop is a definitely a joyful choice. It is also one of the most accomplished tourist spot in the Kashmir valley. If you want to engage in something less of a leisure, why not try going for a skiing, horse-riding courses, which are usually conducted in the months of January-February? It is fair to conclude that Patnitop without a second speculation has something to offer for all the individuals in any time of the year to uncover this magnificent destination.

Visit Kasmir

A standard Kashmir tour package will include a visit to all the above mentioned places, if you are keen to get an extensive tour of Kashmir, you can contact our expert travel agents who will help you show all the beauty and adventures Kashmir holds. "Enquire here" for your custom Kashmir Tour Package.